Who Is the Richest Woman in the World Right Now?


The world is home to almost 8 billion unique individuals distinguished by their race, culture, language, and status. Aside from race, one of the common yardsticks used to group individuals is their wealth. As we are aware, there are the poor, the average, and the wealthy in society. Currently, many of us are aware of the richest man in the world. This individual, in-person of Bernard Arnault and Family, is said to have a net worth of $198.8b. But while many of us keep close tabs on the men’s rich list, some don’t know who’s topping this list as far as the other gender is concerned.

The richest woman in the world at the moment is no other person than French L’Oreal heiress Francoise Bettencourt Meyers. Currently no.11 on the list of world riches people, she has a net worth of $82.8 billion.

If you are given a test that contains a question about the richest men in the world, I bet you’d be able to list a few of them. Why? Well, they are men, and you trust them to be quite popular thanks to their huge fan base and inundating wealth. What about the women? If you were given a similar test that contains a question about the richest women in the world, you might end up fluttering. Even if you once knew who these women are, remembering their names would be difficult. In this article, I’ll reveal to you a list of the richest women in the world and cap it off with the name topping the list.

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Who Is the Richest Woman in the World Right Now?

Being wealthy is one of the greatest wishes of every individual. Who wouldn’t love to have enough money to buy whatever they desire? Aside from having a huge spending power, there is also the respect, and fame wealth brings to its owners. Ever since the introduction of money, there has always been the need to note those who had deeper pockets.

Several years back, in the 1950s to be precise, it was a certain J. Paul Getty. In the 1970s, it was Paul Getty, an oil magnate. In the early 2000s, it was renowned investor Warren Buffett, and the names keep rolling out for each decade.

While many of us are conversant with the names of some of the richest men in the world dating back 1900s, some of us tend to ignore the other gender. Or don’t women get rich as well? Of course, they do! Like the men, there are several powerful and wealthy women scattered across the world. We often don’t hear their names, probably because the men are always destined to steal the limelight. I mean, who doesn’t know who Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk is? If you don’t, then you probably live in space.

In this article, however, we are diverting our attention from the men. We’ll be beaming the limelight on the women instead. As we progress, I will offer you some details about the richest female in the world (presently), her competitors, and how rich women make their fortune.

Let’s kick off this exciting article with a little insight into how rich women make their fortune.

How Do Rich Women Make Their Fortune?

The wealthiest individuals, that is, those who splurge millions of dollars on fancy bags , accessories, and cars, don’t lead what most of us regard as ordinary lives. Instead, most of these individuals are running some of the biggest companies in the world, while others are shy of the spotlight, setting up farms in a remote area while enjoying quality time with family and friends.

Either way, there is something that makes these women different. No, it isn’t the shape of their faces or the dresses they wear; it is the huge wealth they command.  But have you ever asked yourself how some of these women managed to have billions of dollars attached to their names? I mean, what do they do for a living? What investments do they have?

Well, the richest women in the world achieved their wealth in several ways: some married into the wealthiest families, some inherited some of the powerful companies, some got it via a divorce, while some built their own multi-billion dollar regimes from scratch. 

Having known how some rich women make their fortune, let’s delve into the crux of this article:

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers is the chairwoman and heir to L’Oreal. According to Forbes, as of May 2019, her net worth was estimated to be $52.3 billion. Not only is she the richest woman in the world, but she is also the 15th richest person globally. Forbes reported that her grandfather, Eugene Schueller, founded L’Oreal and was also an inventor of hair dyes. She and her family own a 33% stake in the company, including an estimated 90% of her wealth is affixed to its shares.

As promised, here is a brief list of Francoise Bettencourt Meyer’s competitors:

  • Alice Walton, one of the heirs to the Walmart fortune: Net Worth: $46.7 billion
  • Jacqueline Mars owns about one-third of Mars, the world’s largest candy maker: $27.1 billion.
  • Yang Huiyan owns 57% of the real estate developer Country Garden Holdings: $22 billion.
  • Laurene Powell Jobs, co-founder, CEO, and chairman of Apple: $20.3 billion
  • Abigal Johnson, CEO of Financial Service Company: $ 16.9 billion

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How Many Billionaires Are Females?

We live in a world with individuals who control huge amounts of wealth. From the likes of Warren Buffet to Jeff Bezos and popular Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, these individuals have made a name for themselves for the past decade. In the year 2019, it was stated that 88% of billionaires were men. But what about the women? How many billionaires are females?

Based on 2019 statistics, of the 2,825 billionaires present globally, 336 or 11.9% are females. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers remains the richest worlds woman, followed by Alice Walton and Mackenzie Scott.

Considering the stat, you tend to observe that there are more male billionaires than females. What does this mean? If you are a man, you have a good shot at becoming a billionaire!

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