Top 10 US Organizations That Help Families Financially Free of Charge

Financial Assistance

Are you aware that there exist US organizations and agencies that help families financially free of Charge? These non-profit organizations help low-income families in the US. The help they provide ranges from monetary assistance, rent assistance, the provision of free food, advice’s regarding debt repayment plans.

  1. National Foundation for Credit Counseling
  3. Federal Trade Commission
  4. Medicaid
  5. Supplemental Security Income Program (SSI)
  6. GreenPath
  7. LIFT
  8. Family Promise
  9. I Have A Dream Foundation
  10. Net Wish

Not all families are financially stable. Some families can afford the luxury of three-square meals a day, some can afford more than three-square meals a day, while others can afford just two square meals a day.

Top 10 US Organizations That Help Families Financially Free of Charge

In the US, there are several breadwinners struggling to make ends meet. Some are so deep in the murky hole of debt that they find it hard to pay their bills and take care of their loved ones. If you find yourself in this situation, there is hope for you.

Though there exist a lot of these organizations in the US, applying for their palliatives can be a hassle (This doesn’t apply to all). These organizations are sometimes funded by the general public (gofundme), a particular benevolent individual, or a group of generous people. If you find yourself swimming in huge debt, some of these organizations can provide the help you need, in terms of advice, repayment strategies, etc.

Sometimes, families in dire need of emergency financial assistance, often find it hard to apply for these assistance programs because of ego. Probably because they once lived a luxurious live and aren’t quite used to asking for help, or because they are scared of what their neighbors or relatives would say.  If you aren’t ashamed of requesting for the assistance of one of these organizations, you can select that which suits you and your family needs and enjoy the benefits thereafter. You shouldn’t let yourself and your family suffer because of your pride.

In this article, we have put together a list of the top 10 organizations in the US that assist families financially. Most of these organizations are created to assist low-income families and families that are in dire need of financial assistance.

National Foundation for Credit Counseling

If you need help financially, or you need some assurance regarding your financial future, a well-known credit counselling agency may be able to help. You can visit the NFCC (National Foundation for Credit Counseling) site to find a NFCC member agency certified in your state. There exist some local, regional, including national agencies that give one-on-one telephone, including online guidance. Running to an agency like NFCC is one of those things to consider when you are drowning in debt.

One of the help these agencies can offer you is the development of a debt management plan (if you are deep in debt) and its implementation. All you have to do is to offer them a list of your obligations such as your unpaid balances, monthly payments, interest rates, late payments amounts, etc.

These agencies help negotiate with your creditors on your stead to lessen borrowing rate and discard penalties; otherwise, you and your family will continue to spend the little money you have on high interest charges.

These agencies don’t provide financial help per say, but with their assistance, you and your family can enjoy financial freedom. They also work with individuals in creating a budget that helps them make constant payments to discard their debt, often three to five years. This can also denote making monthly payment to the agency, who then settle your creditors. With the help of this agency, you will also learn how to better manage your income so you don’t end up in debt or lack.

If you and your family are struggling financially, the student loan incentive is your way out.  The student Loans site, which is operated by the federal government, provides a panoply of useful information regarding how to live a debt-free life. With the help of this platform, you will be taught how to prevent default, get your loans waved by taking part in certain public service or even terminated via other strategies, and merge your federal education loans.

If your aim is to lessen your monthly payments, loan consolidation including income-based repayment tactic may be beneficial. The only downside here is that you may end up paying more interest as time goes by.

Federal Trade Commission

The federal trade commission (FTC) has beneficial information regarding how families and individuals can manage their credit and handle their debt overload. For instance, thanks to the FTC, you can learn about hiring a credit counseling agency with the Attorney General’s office in your state.

The FTC also thoroughly brief individuals on topics related to debt management. This helps them manage their debt in the best way so they don’t lack even when paying off their debt.

Are you battling with a $50,000 debt? If you are, the FTC can offer you assistance in terms of steps to take in order to settle a debt of $50,000 in a year.


Medicaid is not an organization but it is an insurance program provided by the US government. This program was created to help families with low-income. It is spearheaded by the centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, which is a division in the United States department of Health and Human Services.

The Medicaid program offers free or a reduced-cost health benefits to individuals such as adults, children, pregnant women, seniors, including people with certain disabilities. This amazing program encapsulates 1 in 5 Americans, with a wide array of health services and reduces participant’s medical bills.

Supplemental Security Income Program (SSI)

Here is another program that is from the US government. The SSI offers money to individuals who earn a meagre amount of money. These individuals ranges from adults, seniors, and kids with disabilities.

The SSI program can help your family provided you are eligible for the program. To be eligible for program such as this, you must be ready to prove that your income is below a certain amount. Some of these programs also requires you to be a citizen of the US. 


Greenpath is another non-profit organization that assist families in financial needs. They can help you get out of debt by providing you with the best and effective tools to go about that. Greenpath also help its enrolls properly manage their money so that they have enough to cater for their needs and that of their family.

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This agency offers services such as:

  • General budgeting and advice
  • Debt management plan
  • Bankruptcy counseling
  • Loans for students
  • Housing counseling


Here is another organization that offers assistance to families in financial need. Ever since its initiation 20 years ago, this organization has worked with over 100,000 individuals in the U.S. to elevate them out of poverty. LIFT has its location in states such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago including Washington D.C.

LIFT help low-income parents including caregivers of children who are younger than 8 old develop their “personal well being”, financial power, etc.  Most importantly, this organization gives funds for emergency needs such as medical bills, etc.

Parents who require assistance from LIFT will be merged with a LIFT tutor. The tutor will offer guidance in their career, finance, including their education. LIFT enrollees will graduate after 24 months. Help from this organization is usually free but some requirements must be met.

These requirements are:

  • Be a caregiver or parent of a child 8 years or below
  • Must have stable accommodation for the next 6 months
  • Must be working or must be in an education program
  • Ready to coach

Family Promise

Family promise is an establishment that offers food, shelter, including a variety of support to family in need. They also provide advice for families who are at risk of losing their homes. Based on the organization, it has assisted more than 825,000 people. This establishment also has a 82 % success rate at getting homeless families housing in the space of nine weeks of their enrollment.

If you are on the verge of losing your home due to one issue or the other, or if you struggling financially and you find it hard to secure a roof over your head, this is the organization to run to.

I Have A Dream Foundation

This foundation was created to assist low-income youth in many ways ranging from their academics, emotions, and their finances over a protracted period of time. The “I have a dream foundation” assist students in their enrollment into college and afterwards they help them prepare for careers.

If you are finding it hard to settle your child tuition fees, this foundation may be of help, Of course, you will have to be eligible to benefit from this organization.

Net Wish

Net Wish is for families who are finding it pretty hard to make ends meet. It is also for families who find themselves in financial trouble such as debts a non-profit organization was established in the year 2002 by a successful business mogul In Philadelphia, who wishes to remain anonymous. nd the likes of. This

The major aim of this organization is to assist the less fortunate in the society without getting any tax reward for the wishes that are fulfilled.  To benefit from Net Wish, all you simply have to do is to request for a net wish. After your request must have been reviewed, reward will be given to applicants who are really in need.

This organization don’t make cash payments, they issue gift certificates or pre-paid credit card.

Why Families go Broke?

Worried person

One of the major reason why you see most families struggling financially is due to their extravagant lifestyle. If you spend money unnecessarily without making any effort to save up cash for emergency needs or future purposes and you run out of cash, you will have nothing to fall back on.

Below are a few reasons why parents struggle financially:

Life style and unrestricted spending:

Families who spend wisely seldom go broke or find their self in any financial storm. When your expenses are more than your income so many bad things happen. if you spend money to show off and impress your neighbors, or if you spend money on things that are not of great importance, you will eventually run out of cash. If while on your spending spree you decided not to save up some cash for the raining day, your financial life would be hit, very hard that you will have no choice but to borrow. Sometimes, debt is the beginning of a miserable financial life.


How long can it take to settle a debt? Well, it could take years, or months, it depends. As much as possible shy away from piling up debt, it could end up ruining you.

Overspending without saving up any cash for emergency situations or future purposes would invite debt, lots of them. Debts cripple your life in so many ways. It affects all about your finances and can make you lose your mind if you are feeble-minded.

Most families go broke after the repayment of a hefty debt on their neck. Obtaining loans is not bad, but ensure that you don’t make it a habit. Borrow money when needed and ensure that you adopt the right repayment strategy when repaying the debt. This would ensure that you don’t empty your account on debt repayment and go broke.

Being accountable for the money you spend is also another way to ensure that your expenses aren’t higher than your earnings. Are you drowning in debt? There are some things to consider in order to get back on your feet.

Filing for bankruptcy is one way to discard debts you can’t pay, but it comes with some disadvantages. Aside from filling for bankruptcy, there are other things to consider when in debt and need money fast; one of them is contact some of the above-mentioned organization who offer free help to people in financial need.


If you find your self deep in debt, you can seek professional help. This help comes in the form of programs that are geared towards helping debtors get out of debt fast. Many debtors enroll in different programs and things have worked well for them afterwards.

Don’t make the same mistakes as other people when trying to get out of debt fast on their own which are provided within this article.

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