Can You Send Money to a Blocked Card?

Blocked Card

ATM cards offer users a convenient way to withdraw money from their checking accounts. Because this card is linked with your account, it is often targeted by scammers. Sometimes, banks block your ATM card to forestall potential theft. When your card gets blocked, it becomes impossible to make transactions with it. But can you still receive money with such a card?

If your card gets blocked, you’ll still be able to receive money. Similarly, you can send money to a blocked card. However, you wouldn’t be able to withdraw cash with the card until you contact your bank and unblock the card.

When a card gets blocked, you expect it to be inactive, right? Of course. A blocked card cannot be used to initiate transactions at the ATM or store. But can it receive money? Can you send money to a blocked card? You’ll have to read on to find out.

Can You Get Scammed Through E-transfer?

Can You Send Money to a Blocked Card?

With the swift change in tech, the way money changes hands has also changed. Back then, people used to carry physical cash when traveling and shopping. Now, you can transfer funds instantly or within seconds to any account with smartphones.

However, there are some people that are not used to the e-transfer technology, and of course, they dislike the hassle of carrying huge bundles of cash with them. These individuals prefer using ATM cards to withdraw money when needed. So it becomes necessary to keep the cards safe and secure to prevent them from being stolen or lost.

Should your card be stolen or lost, you can call your bank to block it. Or should your card be used to make unusual transactions, your bank will block it. When they do, can you receive money into your account?

Reasons Why Banks Block Individual Cards?

  1. Transaction flagged for being suspicious

Your card may be blocked temporarily because your bank has flagged a transaction as being potentially suspicious. The truth is, it’s sometimes difficult to know when this will happen. However, when it does, ensure you call your bank to explain that you are the card owner and you initiated the transaction. That said, if you get an alert for a transaction you didn’t initiate, it’s important you contact your bank immediately to ensure that your account and card stay blocked.

  1. Many incorrect PIN attempts

Your card can be blocked if you make too many incorrect PIN attempts. If this happens, your card won’t function until you contact your bank and unblock it. This block is put in place to prevent fraud, so if you are receiving a message that there have been several incorrect PIN attempts and you haven’t used your card that day, contact your bank to understand what is going on.

  1. Blocked because of international purchase

Some banks won’t let you initiate an international purchase using your bank card until you give express approval. This is to prevent fraud from people staying abroad, which is very common nowadays.

Is It Possible to Transfer Money to a Blocked Card?

If your card gets blocked? Can money be deposited into your account? Of course!

A blocked card doesn’t stop money from entering your account. However, it stops you from using the card to carry out any transaction, like withdrawal. Even a blocked account can still receive deposits. To unblock your card, contact your bank. You will have to provide them with the necessary identification to unblock the card.

How to Block ATM Card?

  1. Customer Care:

Customers can call the toll-free number printed behind an ATM card in case the card is stolen or lost. Customers need to save the number in advance, along with the card number and account number.

  1. Branch Visit:

Customers can visit the closest bank branch and provide the details as needed by the bank officials. Generally, bank officials may request the card number and account number.

  1. Internet Banking

ATM cards can be blocked online with internet banking. Go to the official website of the bank’s internet banking. After logging in to internet banking, customers should search for the ATM Card Block section and adhere to the steps mentioned therein to block the ATM card.

  1. Mobile App

Banks have their mobile apps available on all operating system platforms. Customers should download the applications on their smartphones, and after logging in, look for the “card block” section and follow the steps as stated in to block the card.

  1. Automated Alert Systems:

Whenever a transaction is made using an ATM card, a text message is gotten on the customer’s registered mobile number mentioning the amount withdrawn and from which ATM. The message also contains a number to which customers can send SMS should a fraudulent transaction occur.

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How to Unblock ATM Card?

  1. Automatic Unblocking:

It is common for your mobile phone to get blocked when you enter the wrong password continuously. Similarly, when customers enter the wrong ATM pin thrice, the ATM card gets blocked automatically. The card gets unlocked after 24 hours.

  1. Application to the bank:

Customers should submit the written application to their bank, asking to unblock the ATM card. Of course, the bank will want to verify your identity, so they may ask for some ID and address proof, along with the reason why the card was blocked.

  1. New Card Issued by Bank:

In case your ATM card gets blocked because of your bank’s security issue, a new card will be issued to the customer free of charge by the bank.

  1. Expired ATM card:

The ATM card gets automatically blocked after expiration. Customers need to go to the bank branch, submit the expired ATM card and receive a new replacement.

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