Best and Fastest Ways to Earn a 10% Rate of Return on Your Investment

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Before investing, there are a lot of important questions you need to ask yourself and research you need to make to ensure that you grasp the real scope of investing and make the right investing decisions. One of the questions you need to ask yourself is: “What do I want to achieve with my investment?” If you want to get rich quickly, then investing is not for you. In addition, before Investing, it makes sense to have a rate of return in mind. Say you want to earn a 10% rate of return on your investment. What are the fastest and best ways to go about this?

The best and fastest ways to earn a 10% rate of return while investing is by investing in stocks for the long term, short-term stock trading, establishing your own business, and investing in arts and other collectibles like Legos.

If you ask me, I’ll say gunning for a 10% rate of return is not a bad goal or a bad decision, especially for a newbie. However, the issue faced with such a decision is no other than actualizing the goal. While the %10 rates of return on investment may seem small to you, you must understand that there are investors who clamour for this rate and find it difficult to earn it. So, if you are lucky to earn such a rate on investment, you ought to be happy. But how can you earn such a rate when you don’t know the necessary measures involved? That is what I’ll highlight in this article.

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Best and Fastest Ways to Earn a 10% Rate of Return on Your Investment:

Are you tired of earning a 5% rate of return on your investment and wish to earn more, like $10? If yes, you are at the right place. Below, I have compiled a list of valuable investment vehicles that can help you achieve that goal.

Stocks for long term:

One way to earn a %10 rate of return on your investment is by leveraging stocks. But, you’ll need to make investing in stocks for long-term automatic. It is very easy to increase automatic investments with your bank, a discount broker, or even a smartphone app such as Robinhood.

Keep aside money every month, regardless of your financial situation. Avoiding investing errors will make you more money in the long run than striving to pick the hottest sector, Stock, or fund Investment over the years.

With the assistance of a financial planner, you can select a well-diversified investment portfolio that suits your financial situation, including the amount of risk you are willing to take. Provided you may need to take on more risk if you want that 10% rate of return.

Many of us are a victim of recency bias. A whole generation of investors has only known the stock market from 2003 to 2013. Our most recent past is not a precursor to what our long-term investing future will be. A 10% yearly rate of return on investments over the long term is quite achievable.

Short-term stock trading:

Granted, short-term stock trading is not for everyone and shouldn’t be done with a huge part of your whole investment portfolio. Trying to time the stock market is a risky way to earn a 10% rate of return on investments, but it could be well worth your time and efforts with a small portion of your investment portfolio.

Many swing trading services lecture investors on how to—not day trade—but invest in small-capital stocks held only a few days or weeks. You can follow along as the service trades their portfolio, copy their trades, learn how everything regarding short-term technical analysis trading.

From afar, stock trading may appear like a risk without reward. However, you will be stunned to discover that stock trading boasts of several potentials. And, of course, taking advantage of this type of trading can help you earn a 10% return.

Establish your own business:

You would agree that starting your business is a huge investment. Of course, it may not appear like investing $10,000 on Apple or Amazon’s stock. However, suppose you understand the concept of investing. In that case, you will see why establishing your own business and operating it optimally can help you earn a 10% return.

It doesn’t matter the type of business you establish. Whether it is establishing a neighborhood restaurant or something as simple as starting a lifestyle blog, a business venture is an ideal way to boost your investments’ returns.

Arts and other collectables like Legos can diversify your investment:

Valuable art, great collectables, or even quality antiques as a whole are good investments that can increase in value just like other great investments. In addition, they, unlike stocks or bonds, have the extra advantage of your being able to enjoy them hanging somewhere in your home daily.

According to a recent study from economists, gathering Legos returned more than investing in huge stocks, bonds, including gold over the three decades ending in 2015. Collections for Jedi starfighters, including Hogwarts castles, for instance, have produced 11% yearly.

Legos aren’t exposed to market-rolling volatility. In addition, there is a high secondary market for Legos, in which “tens of thousands of transactions each day” occur. For instance, a Legos kit for Star Wars Darth Revan retailed for $3.99 in 2014 and sold for around $28.46 on eBay a year later. That is around a 613% premium.

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Is 10% Return a Good Investment?

You will all agree that %50 return is a good investment. In addition, you will also agree that %40, %30, or even %20 returns are good investments. However, what about %10 return? Can you call that a good investment as well, or do we label it a bad investment?

10% return on investment is good. In fact, many investors will see an average annual rate of return of 10% or more as a good ROI for long-term investments in the stock market. But, have it in mind that this is an average.

If you have an investment that promises a 10% ROI, I advise that you go for it. However, remember that investing money you cannot afford to lose is a bad decision.

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