Can I Still Transfer Money if My Card Is Blocked?

Card Is Blocked

Debit cards come in handy when we need cash urgently. They can also be used to make a purchase and transfer money via ATM. Unlike credit cards, debits card are usually linked directly to your checking account, making them prone to thieves. When these cards get stolen or lost, banks often block them. When banks block your card, can it still be used to send money?

A blocked card is almost useless. Thus it cannot be used to make transfer money or initiate any transaction whatsoever. You’ll need to unblock your card if you wish to use it for transactions.

When your card gets blocked, what happens? Of course, it becomes inactive, and turns to a normal triangular card. Does that mean you won’t be able to use it to make transactions? Can the card be used to transfer money via the ATM? What often makes banks block your card? I have provided answers to these questions below.

Can the Bank Unblock Your Card?

Can I Still Transfer Money if My Card Is Blocked?

Financial institutions often block ATM cards whenever there is little chance of fraudulent activity or unauthorized payments. ATM cards are also blocked when they expire. But, it is better to replace blocked cards with new ones or reactivate them for ease and convenience.

ATM helps initiate quick cash withdrawals or transfers via ATM, including online payments. Hence, you must pull all stops to ensure that your blocked ATM is reactivated. However, while you are at it, can you transfer money using the blocked card?

Is Money Transfer Possible With a Blocked Card?

A blocked card is temporarily useless. Since it’s temporarily useless, you cannot use it to carry out any transaction. If you take the card to a mall and attempt to use it to pay for a purchased good, it’ll get declined.

The same applies if you take it to an ATM. You’ll need to unblock the card before using it to perform any transaction. There are a few ways to unblock a card. I have highlighted some below.

How to Unblock an ATM Card?

Of course, there are several ways to unblock an ATM card. However, we’ll be narrowing down the tips to two. You can unblock your ATM by contacting the bank via SMS, call, or visiting the branch. Also, your bank can unblock your ATM card automatically.

Note that your ability to unblock your ATM card depends on the type of block placed on the card. While it is possible to unblock a card that was blocked temporarily, it may be impossible to unblock one that was blocked permanently. Ensure you contact your bank for more clarity.

How to Unblock an ATM Card Automatically?

Here are the cases in which you can activate or unblock your ATM cards automatically:

  • There is a temporary card block for a day when you make three attempts to input the wrong PIN. ATM cards are active/ usable automatically after 24 hours.
  • When the card expires, and the bank issues a new card and sends it to your designated address
  • Banks block your ATM cards for security reasons. These reasons can either be due to the fear of data theft, unauthorized use, etc.

How to Unblock an ATM Card through Bank Application?

To block your card via bank application, you may want to reach out to them. You can do so under the circumstances like:

  • When you block your card to avoid fraud, in that case, you can contact the bank and request that they unblock it or give you a new one.
  • When the bank blocks your card based on suspicion, for instance, if you suddenly make a huge transaction, the bank may block your card on suspicion of card theft.
  • When your card expires, and the bank fails to give you a new one.

How to Unblock an ATM card via SMS?

If you don’t want to visit the bank, you can unblock your ATM card through SMS. To do that, you’ll need to send an SMS to your bank’s customer service. Afterward, you are required to share your debit card and account details. This method will not work if your card is blocked because it expired. You may need to visit your bank to request a new card.

Why did your Bank Block your ATM Card?

Don’t know why your bank blocked your ATM card? Here are some likely reasons:

  • Your card has expired, and a new one is yet to be issued
  • The bank suspected a security breach of data on customer accounts or card
  • An unusual purchase, payment, transfer, withdrawal, or any unauthorized transaction is suspected

What can you do with a blocked card?

If your card gets blocked, does that makes it useless? What can you do with a blocked card?

You see, once your card gets blocked, it automatically becomes inactive—like a useless decorated triangular plastic. You won’t be able to make transactions with the card.

To reactivate or unblock the card, you’ll need to visit your nearest branch. There, you’ll be asked to submit a written application along with your identity proof so that the bank can take further steps to unblock your ATM card.

What to Do if an ATM Card Is Blocked Due to the Wrong Pin?

How to Unblock an ATM Card Through Call?

You can contact customer service and input the details of your card and bank account to unblock your ATM card. Once again, this isn’t possible when a new card is to be issued. Ensure you call from your registered phone number.

How to Unblock an ATM Card Online?

You can unblock an ATM Card online via internet banking. This can be done by either visiting your bank’s website or using their mobile application. You’ll have to contact your bank if it doesn’t support this option.

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