Can You Get a Mortgage With no Job But Large Deposit?

Large Deposit

Mortgage loans has helped several families and individuals acquire the house of their dream. This type of loan is majorly for aspiring real estate owners or people who lack the financial prowess or income to make instant payment for a home they like. A lender or a mortgage company offers you the loan you need to acquire the house, and it is your obligation to repay the loan, including interest, at an agreed time. Failure to stick to the agreement, will render you homeless.

Some lenders may decide to offer you a mortgage if you have no job but can make large deposit, while others may turn down your request. This varies among different lenders as they use diverse criteria when determining if an individual should be giving a mortgage or not.

Mortgage loan isn’t some kind free loan, that is, one that comes with no requirements. You have to meet certain requirements before a lender can offer you this loan to make a home purchase. These requirements varies as per the creditor, bank, etc. No one would offer a loan to someone who lacks the financial capacity or income to repay the loan in due time.

Can You Get a Mortgage With no Job But Large Deposit?

Before mortgage companies or lenders agree to offer an individual a loan, they carry out an in-depth evaluation. This evaluation often revolves around the person’s credit score, income, tax returns, age, job, assets, etc. If you satisfy the requirements of the lender, you will have the loan, but if you don’t, you won’t receive the loan. If peradventure you have a closed account, you have to be certain if mortgage lenders look at closed accounts before applying for a loan so you don’t waste your time.

Having a good job, a steady flow of income, a good credit score, no significant debt, etc., can land you a mortgage loan in a jiffy. So, what happen to those who have no job but are willing to make large deposits, will they be considered by a mortgage company or bank? Well, it all boils down to the lender’s policy or requirements. 

A substantial deposit will most likely make your mortgage cheaper because it will pay off a huge chunk of the property value and you have to borrow less. It will also reduce your interest rates and the loan-to value.

Getting a mortgage with no deposit is possible, but is quite rare. A no deposit mortgage is feasible only if you have a guarantor. Before you consider applying for a mortgage, you need to have enough insight into how to get a mortgage so you don’t end up wasting your time. Also ensure that you apply with a good lender, one who is kind enough to offer you the chance to change your mortgage due date.

Is it Easy to Get a Mortgage?

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Mortgage loans aren’t quite easy to get. No bank or creditor would lend you money without confirming that you are capable of repaying the loan. When it comes to offering individuals mortgage, lenders have diverse criteria and requirements that must be met. For instance, creditor A may be willing to offer you a mortgage with a late payment on your credit report, while creditor B may refuse.

Before a mortgage company or a lender can offer you a mortgage, you need to have a good income, credit score, etc. Your savings isn’t simply enough as far as acquiring a mortgage is concerned.

Having substantial savings is quite good, judging from a cash and equity point of view; but that isn’t enough reason for any lender to offer you a mortgage.

If peradventure you have a job offer somewhere, then you can go in search of a creditor who will agree to lend, though the few that may consider it will want you to complete the mortgage immediately you begin the job. 

Can You get a Mortgage If you are Unemployed?

Purchasing a home is the dream of every tenant. You don’t have to bother about the rents and you finally have a home to call your own. It is an awesome achievement.

If you are unemployed, it may be quite difficult to convince your creditor to consider your mortgage application. As an unemployed individual who wants to own a home, you still have options. If your credit score is high and you have a low debt-to-income ratio, your application may be considered.

Acquiring a mortgage is not an easy process. First off, you need to make yourself attractive to your lenders. This denotes that, you must have a high credit point, low debt-t-income ratio, good monthly income, among other to be able to afford your mortgage payments.

The lesser your debt, the lower the money you require rolling in to remain at or below the 36% debt-to-income ratio that experts recommend.

Does a Large Deposit Help a Mortgage?

Lenders love it when you make large deposits. This gesture benefits not just your lender but you as well. Normally, the lowest deposit you can make is 10% of the actual cost of house you wish to purchase. You can make more if you like. Acquiring a mortgage without a deposit is possible but rare.

In a few and significant ways, making large deposits helps a mortgage. A large deposit helps reduce the interest rate attached to the mortgage. It also makes your mortgage rates cheaper, thus making it much easier for you to pay it off.

In some cases, one can easily acquire a mortgage by making a large deposit but this doesn’t always apply to all creditors. Some creditors adopt other criteria to decide if they should or shouldn’t lend you the money.

What is Considered a Large Deposit for a Mortgage?

One way to appease your creditor is by making large mortgage deposit. But how do you know what a large deposit is?

The minimum deposit a borrower can make is 10%. A deposit is considered as “large” when it is or above 25%. So if you plan on making a large deposit for that mortgage, let it be 25% of the actual cost of the house you intend to purchase.

Of course, if your income permits it, you can make deposits way greater than 25%. You will benefit from this on several fronts.

Are you thinking of how to get mortgage but you don’t seem to know where to start from? Visit a mortgage company to determine their mortgage loan requirements so you know if you meet their criteria. Also, before taking a mortgage, make sure you have the capacity to repay at the due date. Unpleasant things happens when you are 60 days late on mortgage.

Don’t apply for a mortgage if you have no knowledge of what it is or how it works. Carry out research to know what you are venturing into. Most borrowers don’t know what do to if a mortgage date falls on a weekend. How wouldn’t one know such? These are one of those thing you ought to know before deciding to apply for a mortgage to avoid unnecessary mistakes or query.

When it boils down to personal loans, banks consider several factors before they approve your loan request. Being aware of these requirements will make things much easier for you. Whichever loan you are applying for, do your homework!


If you are embroiled in a financial challenge or stuck in debt and you are finding it hard to cater for your needs not to talk of settle that mortgage loan of yours, you can seek professional assistance. This assistance often comes in the form of programs that help individuals struggling with certain financial issues.

Several people have benefited from this programs. You can one out for yourself.  Also to ease your debt, you can take a debt consolidation loan. But you must know that for each amount of consolidation loan you take, there are pros and cons. For instance, a $50,000 debt consolidation loan comes with some pros and cons, the same goes with other amounts.

When in need of cash to take care of an urgent task, consider applying for a personal loan. But one thing you must know is that they are short-term loans, that is one of the reasons why they are smaller than home equity and mortgage loans.

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